Shom + Amber :: Wedding :: Melrose Market Studios, Seattle, WA

I couldn’t help myself, I worked all day and night fueled off of inspiration and coffee, because I fell in love with this wedding so hard. Amber’s sister, Adrienne, has been a good friend of mine and it’s been a delight to get to know her family by extension. This group loves a good party and Amber and Shom’s wedding was no exception. They celebrated their nuptials on New Year’s Eve at Melrose Market Studios in Seattle, WA. in a very city chic way.CS2_8340lowresCS2_8407lowresCS2_8381lowresCS2_8352lowresCS2_8459lowresCS2_8498lowresCS2_8537lowresCS2_8604lowresCS2_8610lowresCS2_8622lowresCS2_8636lowresCS2_8667lowresCS2_8710lowresCS2_8695lowresCS2_8727lowresCS2_8870lowres


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