Jacob + Catherine :: Wedding :: Kerry Park, Seattle, WA

There are almost no words for this wedding beyond what the next few photos will have to say. Catherine and Jacob’s intimate ceremony at Kerry Park was filled with love and happiness from their closest loved ones. We started the day with a quick first look before walking to the scenic park in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.

Kerry Park Seattle WeddingKerry Park Seattle WeddingKerry Park Seattle WeddingKerry Park Seattle WeddingCS2_6774CS2_6747Kerry Park Seattle WeddingCS2_6810CS2_6858CS2_7026CS2_7039CS2_7090CS2_7110CS2_7123CS2_7141CS2_7215CS2_7242CS2_7271CS2_7252CS2_7331CS2_7360CS2_7367CS2_7369CS2_7397CS2_7467CS2_7383CS2_7401CS2_7420CS2_7441CS2_7442CS2_7504CS2_7526CS2_7536CS2_7551CS2_7555CS2_7576CS2_7590CS2_7722CS2_7742CS2_7793CS2_7813CS2_7816CS2_7825CS2_7855CS2_7878CS2_7933CS2_7910CS2_7887CS2_7917CS2_7926CS2_7939CS2_8058CS2_8064To see all of the photos from this wedding, please go here!

Frank Harlan, Officiant :: http://www.seattleofficiant.com :: Garage, Reception :: http://www.garagebilliards.com

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